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Bolivia – Surviving the Death Road and Breakdown at 16000 feet

It was already dark, we were delayed in reaching the village where we had to spend the night and we found ourselves isolated in the massive reserve. Our progress was still slow because the road conditions were extremely bad. I was on the driver’s seat and was struggling to keep the car in a straight line because we were driving in the dark on a very bumpy mud, snowy and gravel surface.

The worst happened. The car stopped. The nightmare came true. In a moment.

“I’m sure it’s nothing, let’s open the bonnet and take a look”, Sanjay said.

One Night In Bangkok

A few years ago, I left my job and embarked on a solo trip to explore across Asia for a few weeks. I felt great, at least until I landed in Bangkok. As soon as I got to my hotel, I promptly locked myself in my room, scared to venture out.

I kept thinking: you don’t know the language, you don’t know the culture and you’ll do something stupid, you don’t know anyone and all the other backpackers are friends already and won’t hang out with you. Basically, you don’t belong here and what the hell made you think you could actually do this?

What Others Are Saying

Honestly one of the yummiest drinks I’ve had in a while! Thanks Nitin @DrinkRestless.  

– Ritika


Killed it at Sykz gym courtesy the best action drink ever @DrinkRestless.

– Ashmit Patel, Actor


Do you think too much? No worries. Watch me and @DrinkRestless team up to show you what it means to be #OpenForAction.

— ROHIT SHARMA, Cricketer


About Restless

When we set out to compete with the world’s leading energy drink brands, our mission was threefold. First, create a unique product that had a refreshingly smooth taste. Second, make sure our product was loaded with top quality nutrients that appealed to people like you, the health conscious consumers of today. Third, and most importantly, deliver the best value-for-money drink to you. The result? After 2.5 years of rigorous study and multiple blind taste tests, Restless, India’s first Action Drink was born. Formulated in Singapore, it comes loaded with herbal ginseng, Vitamin C and essential salts, apart from the usual B Vitamins, taurine and caffeine. The natural energy of Ginseng, the goodness of Vitamin C, and the replenishing powers of active salts such as Sodium & Potassium add to the health quotient, positively charging you to get more action out for your life! But don’t just take our word for it, sign up and get your 2 free* cans. And tell us what you think. For enquiries, please email: or send us your thoughts on For marketing tie ups and sponsorship proposals, please email:

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